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Who Am I?

Helllooo — my name’s Loui [but I appreciate the creative in people, so if you‘d like to call me something else, just give it a whirl and see how it goes!] I’ve always been an artist, and over the past years, photography has captured my imagination above all else… Based on the Gold-Coast of Australia, I’ve traveled around the globe to capture tales of love and adventure, and I believe that things happen for a reason — or, my alter ego believes they just happen; either way, I like to let things unfold as they happen before me…

I love intensely, and live passionately, but insyaing that, I’m super-cruisey… I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I’m a massive fan of cool things; stylish things; crazy things; I always follow my heart; I read the crowd; I tune in, and I anticipate… I feel for each moment and just go with it — not just during shooting but in post-production too… Other things that get me jazzed are coffee, rum, anything with bluesy vibes… I’m unashamedly the best Doggy-Dad to my mini-schnauzer, Capone, and my rag-doll kitty, Freyja… I’m down for road-trips, plane rides, and choo-choos to nowhere — or anywhere you may need me to be!



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