Family Sessions

It's All About Family!


NATURAL AND RELAXED... As part of your portrait session, we tend to capture a number of informal family pictures; We don't believe you all need to be sitting still or even facing the camera for a successful family portrait. For us, a family shot involves you being together - whether that be in a formal line-up, or a picture that is full of action and movement as you play together.


CAPTURING THE FUN AND VARIETY OF FAMILY LIFE... The gallery above will show you some of the different types of family pictures that I take on my photo shoots – big families with multiple generations, small families, formal shots and informal shots.


CREATING beautiful portraits is a balance of artistry, technique and (perhaps mostly) a sense of humour! One of the many lovely things we repeatedly hear from our clients, is just how chilled they feel during a portraiture session, in spite of how they may have felt initially about being in front of the camera! 

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