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Coolibah Downs Estate Wedding - Taylor & Jerome

Just a stone-throw into the foothills of the Gold Coast Hinterland, a wedding venue exists... The large, private grounds undulate gently, beyond a quaint li'l chapel that emanates warmth; a sweeping grassland, and grand marquee -- chandeliers by three, and a license to party; super-spacious accomodations at the ol' 'homestead', and staff that were as accomodating as I could ever hope to meet... Coolibah Downs Estate had a super-vibe this day, but let me just say that our Groom, Jerome, and his Queen, Taylor-Mae, would raise the spirit's wherever they happen to find themselves...

Everyone present on the day were quite simply the most beautifully welcoming bunch of people, hey... and not just for how they treated us, but for their obvious regard and praise for the young couple, that shone ever-brighter as the day unfolded: for the love these two had for each other was clear for all to see, and just as heart's will soar when worn upon sleeve, so too is that spirit received by any standing near... :)

After tears, smiles, blessings, more tears, two rings, and a kiss, the deal was called as celebration will cheer!

Traditional Maori flair was the blood-stirring haka, and the Tokelau connection brought a ritual song that was so joyously festive, and laced with rich vocal harmonies and tribal nuance... Our heart's transcended into a reverence for that moment, and to say that we felt privileged to document this union, would simply not have conveyed the emotion this day...

Being a kiwi myself, who's too long been from home, I've felt revitalised after shooting the wedding between these two very special peeps, and my faith in people's grand capacities has never been higher!

Viva l'amore  

Loui and Donna xx


wedding rings.jpg

Classic Wedding at Summergrove Estate: Northern New South Wales


Winter Weddings always hold a special kinda charm, especially when it means a quick trip south o' the border into the coastal range of the Northern Rivers Region...

The day was cool and clear, and although it's not ideal going into a wedding having never met the talent, so to speak [Susy and Caleb had chosen to do the destination wedding thing, having flown down from Darwin only a few days prior], on arrival, the gorgeously laid-back Susy proceeded to warmly welcome us, and ensure that we had the lay of the land in photographic hand...

Summergrove Estate sings a tasteful kinda tune for itself: Set atop the range, with panoramic views of mountain and ocean alike, and run by a bunch of super-lovely people, the reception space is a contemporary blend of modern styling and homely inclusion, complete with a 'medusa-inspired' chandelier, a charming little fireplace, and a central island-style bar that served as a mediatory space between tables and dance; but the real thing to note about the property was the disused golf course / artfully overgrown ramble of goat-tracks that led down the southern face of the mountain -- with each venturing turn offering a different little nook and photo-op...

Fast forward until after a casually delightful hilltop ceremony, and It did however turn to pass, that our photo-trek down the rambling track was somewhat short-lived, as after a late-ish start [for winter standard],  we were seriously under the pump, and the failing light in the lower reaches of the valley was screaming at us to get a wriggle-on! and besides, there weren't buggies enough for the whole party, so we did have them to consider too...

Anyways, after choosing one of the many tracks that steadily lead skyward, we made it back, in time for a quick break, and a reception that may have had one of the best dance entrances, ever! 

The food was super-good, and as the cake was whisked away for the cutting, The newly wed stood under star and sparkler alike; Susy swooned and Caleb dipped his bride with first-class style to rival the very essence of a future's promise to one another... 

Viva l'amore, 

Loui and Donna xx


Queensland Outback Wedding at Adora Downs


The circumstance that led us to capture a wedding about as far inland as I've yet to venture, was a real case of fortunate cause for us...

The call went out on social media: "Help, my photographer's bailed and I'm getting married this weekend [or words to that effect]"... Donna said: "Loui", and I said: "let's do it" and yeah, before too long we were on the road with a bag of good cause, and two more packed with camera equipment...

Of the Bride and the Groom: Man, these guys were golden individuals, if ever there were... We met Dom and Jess on Wedding Day Eve, in a semi-trendy / new-age bar in the revamped old-quarter of Toowoomba town -- the kind of place that has an entirely gluten-free menu, and a sexy, dim-lit vibe that screamed: "Hey lovely people, come in and look at my understatedly delectable collection of magic bottles... haha

Unbeknownst to Dom, I'd just ordered a top-shelf rum before they walked in, and as he was kind enough to gesture for the bill, I thought to myself: "What a legend..." Sat down, and chillin' around a coffee table that was clad in what appeared to be patterned black vinyl [?], and five minutes into our discussion, we soon realised that Jessica was a total babe of loveliness, and that the pair were just so genuinely welcoming, and in such a nice space within themselves,  that I knew we were in for catching some magic...

Adora Downs as a venue, was truly apart from anything I'd ever experienced... The location was dramatic country splendour, complete with windmill on arrival; a winding gravel drive that took us past a little olive grove, and fields in various states of plough and production, before trees opened up to a gorgeous flat grassland, dotted with several 'fittingly period' buildings, and rich, viscerally evocative textures that only flowering bushes and rusty machinery can evoke... The family who operate the establishment were brimming with a level of fabled charm that I'd normally reserve for tales and old-world fancies, and the service and hearty servings of home cooked fare left none wanting...

Donna and I found a room to claim as our own within an old Queenslander, just a stone throw from the main dining hall, and across from the open-air dance-floor, under the giant faery-light may-pole-like structure, around the various fire-pits, and looking back from the darkness towards the honoured guests as they assembled, and chatted, and drank, and were merry...  

Everywhere we turned there was something that enhanced the ambience of the property, and up until our departure [after yet another killer meal the next morning], we felt as if the world around us has stopped, and all that mattered was the celebration of a couple who's love was writ upon the stars...

Massive thanks and congrats going out to Jess, Dom, and the good folk at Adora Downs!

Viva L'Amore,

Loui and Donna xx

Classic Wedding @ Parkwood International - Karley & Alex


I recently had the honour of photographing a wedding at the Parkwood International Golf Club, tucked away behind Parkwood Village, on the sunny Gold Coast of Australia...

Karley had picked a super-cool spot for bridal prep, and if I remember correctly, it was about 26 floors towards the sky, with ocean views and plenty of floor-to-ceiling window action... Her maid's were looking fabulous upon my arrival, and it didn't take long for guards to drop... After some tongue-in-cheek zoolander-action poses, and a warm, genuine kinda-vibe in the room, I was doing it pretty easy -- and I must say, typical maid-duties of fluffing and preening were never accomplished with such effortless grace, and dutiful poise ;)  

Karley herself was fast transforming into a pint-sized urban princess, of sorts, and it wasn't long until she was the object of a chorus of ooh's and ahh's as she stood a vision to behold -- bathed in abundant window-goodness... With some tasteful ink, and a certain kinda spunk that say's: "don't mess with me, punk" our bride this day was not without an element of anticipation by this stage, so we snatched a few images and hit the road to grab a few of the awesome blue bridal chariot, ahem, #mustang, just up the road at, Cascade Gardens...

In short order, we arrived; Alex and kin were assembled in wait; the kids (and newlyweds alike) poured sand into vials; there was a kiss; a cheer; an assemblage of faces huddled in unity, and then it was time to hit the course... Our little-buggy procession rolled out -- captained by the most lovely and uber-helpful Mel/Wedding Coordinator -- and we were soon pulling up and hijacking the links at will! A quick lover's snap here; some group hi jinx there... Such an awesome spot for a wedding!

I hung around for a bit and grabbed some gorgeous shots of the setup and cake [note to self: who made that cake?!], and after capturing their entrance, I got to wish the couple a life of awesomeness, before taking my leave -- content in the fact that these guys were to fly direct to Thailand at 7:00am the next morning, and I was to enjoy sleeping in ('til about 7:00am the next morning)... Ahh, sleep :)

 Viva l'amore,

Loui & Donna xx


Winter Wedding @ Cedar Creek Vineyard & Winery

Picture a wedding held in the clouds; picture the Cedar Creek Estate and Winery, high atop Mount Tamborine in the Hinterland of the Gold Coast, Australia, enveloped: shrouded within a misty veil; picture a couple who's deep, reflective love simply emanates, and commands of the moment to take notice...

Jessica and Josh: A pair who's love was writ upon the stars...

I awoke to the bracing sound of rain as it fell about my foggy consciousness -- it was 4:30am, wedding day, but despite the initial apprehension, I soon calmed in the belief that there was a magic in the air, and apart from my philosophical surety that the universe generally is what it will be, a trip up the mountain never brings anything but a pleasant anticipation... 

I arrived, bright and early, to find the lads all set in tux and finery; mid-strength beers in hand; just milling around and casually jesting amongst themselves with a certain brand of all-knowing wit that I'd typically denote as being 'mid to artsy upper-brow with a twist of world-cause sincerity'... I guess that paints a somewhat obscure picture, but it suffices to say, I thought these guys were pretty cool characters, and the proof is in the pudding on that one, so to speak... They were a tight unit, and seemed to just bust-out zoolander-stances at will... 

I then rolled out to visit the girls, and not unlike the boys, they too were held up in a rather grand locale: a large colonial-styled establishment, overlooking a series of mist-filled valleys below the escarpment... The vibe there was a different level of closeness to what I'd experienced with the lads (to be expected, I guess, but certainly different enough to warrant a mention) and despite the room being a total hive of activity, and real air of co-operation was about... A curious mix of feminine bonding and virtuous accord [haha Loui's description of girl-world]...  The stunningly lovely Jess and her maids were taking it all in stride, and managed to balance flower-preparations with make-up and hair, and juggling babies, and wine haha... I never fail to marvel at a woman's capacity for getting on... But yeah,  it wasn't lost on me that time was getting away on us, so I made my exit and returned to seek out the lads, who were yet to realise what I had already surmised: that the girls were gonna be a smidge late...

But, when Jess finally pulled up, the collective wow could almost be felt as the little chapel in the mist fell into a hush...  

The little-ones played up on cue; the rain fell hard as undue delay will sway a guests departure; set to find some of the vineyards finest, t'was midday, and call for all to celebrate! 

Yet the final act was set for me, as creative portraiture loomed, the very air and grandeur of the day took hold, as Josh was set to adorn his bride as man and wife can only ever do: A symmetry perfected in it's complimentary aesthetic...

Love; Love; Love,

Loui and Donna xx



A Classic Brisbane Wedding

Brisbane weddings always bring so much promise for me: The city-scape; the churches; the gorgeous parks and river landmarks; the beautifully artsy people; but big-city potentials are oft thwart with big-city complications: like traffic, and traffic, and one-way streets, and when your GPS navigation seems to be unaware of such matters of anomalous consequence, one can do little but shake hand at the universe and implore the benevolent wisdom of the Good Lady Luck...

On this day, it turned out that she was smiling, and how could she not, for Dan and Carly were to tie the knot in what was pre-ordained to be nothing but the most loving celebration of unity one could imagine...

The family, and other assorted guests were ushered into the church, and in short time a hush fell upon us as we watched Carly enter behind a glowing procession... Not only was she set to steal Dan's heart once more, she had all concerned in awe... The ceremony was set by a peace and calm, only once shattered by the clickety-clack of my boots on the hardwood floor, as I snuck up behind where a pulpit may have stood... Vying for prized photographic position, whilst maintaining something of a respectful guise gets a little tricky sometimes, and 'inconspicuously sneaking' (for lack of a better term) around a hushed ceremony, can be an art unto itself, let me tell ya :)

Now, checkit: I realise that when we talk of weddings, we oft teeter upon the precipice of stagnant cliche, but, in all seriousness, when a family holds each other up with a respect that effects itself upon the very air, it's strength of character is undeniable, and just as tears flowed readily throughout the day in joyous bursts of momentous acknowledgement, Donna and I were swept up in this wave of celebration, and often found ourselves looking at each other and declaring in hushed tones: "Wow, how lovely are these people!"

Anyways... On this day, rings and solemn vows of unending love were exchanged and sealed with a kiss, and we all sang the praises of our favourite newly-wedded! There were laughs a-plenty at the creative portraiture session... More tears, and heaps more laughs at the reception, and to top it off, an enthralling rendition of an Elvis Presley classic at the end of the night, courtesy of Carly's talented, and devilishly charismatic grandfather...

What more could one want? 

Cake, you say? Man, oh man: so good!

Vive l'amour,

Loui & Donna xx

Bridal Boudoir

It's been a while since Donna and I first met the gorgeous Ms. Monny, a.k.a Adella Rouge; Walking through the shopping centre, as one does, we literally stumbled upon the vision of a some kinda 50's retro chick -- dressed up as a merwitch, no less -- seemingly riding high on halloween spirit! 

Of course, we simply had to shoot this girl, and Donna, never being one to miss a chance, told the lovely Ms. Mon that there was no point denying the inevitable... lol. Well, we said hey, and I guess the rest is history...

Fast forward... we finally had a chance to get Monny in front of the lens, and what better way to celebrate the occasion than a bridal boudoir session at the ever-splendid Palazzo Versace Hotel, on the sunny Gold Coast, Australia...

This gal rocked up for the shoot, and seriously, if there ever was an argument for reincarnation it'd be this chick, because 'Marilyn' had arrived, and in the contemporary guise of a vivaciously edgy, ripped-jean wearing, super-enigma... Only matched by her stunning exterior, Monny was also packing a calm and unassuming presence, and to meet a more beautiful soul would be a rarity, I'm sure...

As with all our boudoir, we keeps it classy San Diego, and with Ms. Rouge as our muse, we we're always assured of that, and more...

Vive l'amour,


One Tree and a Picnic

One Tree Hill in Maleny is arguably one of the planet's most idyllic locations; well, as far as picturesque simplicity goes, anyways... Throw in a picnicking pair of strikingly gorgeous lovebirds, and we sure have some kinda-special engagement session on our hands!

The strikingly gorgeous Kylie is style on legs, I must say, and she and her handsome beau Sean came set to make their mark atop that mountain range, and solidly their set as poignant as 'the tree' was yet to witness...  

After the recent 100 year rain event, the lofty paddocks were about as lush as ever. The day was clear under a late-Summer sky, and the view went long beyond the towering Glasshouse Mountains to the south. Opting for a bright sunny vibe, we hit the rolling ridge a little earlier than is often the norm, and were super-happy for having chosen to do it that way, as these images really have a certain 'bright enthusiasm' about them, don't you think?

Please enjoy these pics, and feel free to share to any and all who care to bask is all that is 'love'.

Viva l'amore,

Loui and Donna xx



Beautiful rustic wedding at Purnella Park Coachhouse, Hervey Bay - Nina and Brad

A boldly classic wedding in a rustic Hervey Bay location, with more than a fair-share of elegant flair, a handsomely devine couple looking resplendent, and yep, a shower or two to set the sunlight off, just so? Hell yeah, baby! 

These guys, (and everyone on the day, actually) were super-lovely, and despite having very little in the way of prior-discussion with our Bride and Groom (we hadn't met lol) we just slotted in amidst welcoming vibes, and managed to do our thing with maximum ease...

Arriving at the bridal-prep to find the glowing mother-to-be/the beautiful Nina in super-cruisy spirits was simply infectious... The air-conditioned room was a welcome change to the crazy-temps outside, and the relaxing vibes ushered us into the day, as her and her best-girl laughed and chatted without a care; her gorgeous daughters didn't seem to pay my camera too much mind either, which was great, for after not long, the guards were down, and I managed to capture some truly magical footage of them dancing around, and just being super... 

We got to the venue, and let me tell ya, maximum-humidity factor-crazy; but never mind that: the beautiful bride wasn't too far behind -- in her (super-cool) metallic-green Caddy -- so we found our positions, deep breaths, and boom: it was on... In what was perhaps the most challenging [ahem, nightmare], photographic environment [eye-roll]... Between the rapidly fluctuating Sun/cloud/showers outside the open air 'shed/elevated platform' where the ceremony was to take place in the shadows -- a fair way away from any outside vantage point; pretty much zero-access for us from the sides, and to top it off, a clicky-clack wooden floor that resounded unforgivingly with even the utmost of tiptoeing around to get the best angles, and you'll know what we were up against... But despite all that, the splendour of the ceremony seemed to wash upon us all as if it were a dream; the South African pastor Ray commanded an attentive audience with an absolutely stellar, and dare I say, 'spiritually compelling' performance, and even the sand-ceremony also seemed to hold an extra air of significance, with members of both families coming forth to symbolise the extended union of the day...

Yeah, it was hot, crazy-hot for me anyways, and camera-wise, certainly wasn't a day for the faint of heart (lol -- I'm so bold, hey), but, the love that filled that crazy-steamy shed carried us all high above such Earthly concerns, and it was nothing but an honour to be a part of such an uber-special occasion, as this, and all weddings are...

Much love for you guys, Nina and Brad, and may y'all continue to have big laughs, and thrive in all that that your life yet holds in the stars!

Viva l'amore,

Loui & Donna xx

A Beautiful Garden Wedding - Francisca & Nathan


We recently had the honour of shooting another beautiful garden wedding, just far enough away from the bustle of the Gold Coast for little ol' me to call it 'off grid' [at Plainlands]...

Despite the heat of the day, all were in super-good spirits, and never mind the fact that we only had one hour with Nath and Fran, they were such a bubbly, handsome pair, that I set myself to 'mega-camera-creation' mode, and subsequently proceeded to capture as many awesomely diverse images as I could hope to get from a much longer shoot... I guess it's just a thing that when the stars align, and people take a shine to my camera, and they just let go and be themselves, then I get a bit enthused, and magic happens... Haha Or if I could (less than humbly) suggest that I play a major part in any magic getting captured, I wouldn't; but, these peeps did make my job terribly easy...

 The Groom and Best Man lent the show a tremendously official air, via their resplendent regailment* [Loui's word], and Francisca, the Columbian Goddess, was supremely radiant...

In such a short time with these guys we saw a veritable gamet of emotion, but more often than not, the event was effortless laughter as the lovers enjoyed the moment with each other, their family, and awesome pals alike...

Many thanks, beautiful people!

Viva L'amore

Loui and Donna xx

Fabulous Wedding Photography Starts With You...

Here's something that I need you to know about photography. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be assuring yourself the best opportunity to allow me to capture the most compelling, natural, creative, vibrantly dynamic, and timelessly perfect memories of yourselves, and others...

You may have thought in the past that beautiful wedding images just happen, and in one sense, that's entirely true; but it's also true that many environmental factors are converging into a specific alignment in such moments of photographic ecstasy!

"But Loui, what constitutes a good photograph," you say?

Well, this is where you guys come in ;)

Consider a couple on their wedding day: They are uber-relaxed with each other at the alter; they whisper sweet-nothings into each others ear's as they hold hands, and playfully wink at family and friends who have gathered to witness the declaration of their love!  

Now, on such an occasion, a photographer can really be in his/her element; capturing such moments of intimate bliss at will...
But, unfortunatley, some couples are less than comfortable. They stand inert, as if the very sky itself would swallow them if ever they moved a muscle; they fight the tears, and resist all urge to make eye-contact with the one standing opposite them; they remain guarded, stiff, and act as though it were a crime to break a smile...

Who do you think ends up with the better photos?

It's easy really, just be yourselves, have fun, laugh; swear if you have to, play-up and enjoy these precious moments that we all share, together!

Here's a quick guide to help you prepare for fabulous-photo ops on your big day!

1) Natural light:  Beautiful, soft window-light is our best friend when it comes to getting gorgeous preparation shots. Remember: the darker the room, and the softer the window-light, the better!
2) Tidy up a little:  We don't mind redecorating, but it saves us time if your prep space is relatively clutter free. Random stuff in the background of images can be distracting, and we don't want anything taking attention away from our brides!
3) The Little Things:  The shoes; the jewels; cufflinks; the bouquet and dress: have these ready somewhere we can access them. We'll come in and 'style' them just-so, and your images will look awesome!
4) Timing is Everything:  Allow plenty of time in your wedding-day schedule for creative photography. Having more time on location allows us to get uber-creative, and that means better photographs! Talk to us ahead of time about the style of images you'd like, and we'll let you know what's involved.
5) Don't mind us: I know it's odd, but if you can, just ignore the funny people with cameras, and go about the business of enjoying the most magical day of your lives! We'll be there, doin' our thing -- ensuring that we capture every nuance, and capturing you looking your fabulously gorgeous best!
6) Simply, just have a ball, and let us look after you ;) 

Viva l'amore

Loui xx

Cherrie and Michael


Plenty of rustic flair and old-world charm to behold at last weekend's glorious garden wedding...

With the old Fig's branches watching over hushed guests and hay-bales alike, these cheerful lovers came bearing oaths and declarations, and delivered with such a grace that dry-eyes were drawn to the ranks of minority... 

Standing proud, within a party of their closest family, Mick and Cherrie seemed as if upon a cloud, as flowing white silks took a life unto themselves -- swaying in sympathetic accord for the moment, and for love of the gentle breeze itself...

The intimate gathering were in high-spirits, and all welcomed us warmly as we ever mingled with subtle purpose: vying to capture the guests in a moment of precious unawares :)

After sharing a meal (and a wee beverage) with our honoured hosts, it was tear-time again, as Mick delivered as grand a heart-felt speech as I've yet to behold; followed by the girls taking stage for the bouquet-toss; Mick steaming things up with some garter-belt shenanigans; a little groovin' as The Black-Eyed Peas "gotta feelin"... Wow, what a ride!

Then it was hugs all 'round, as we left this fun-loving pair on a high...

Absolutely awesome, Cherrie and Mick...

Viva l'amore

Loui & Donna xx


Beautiful Beach Wedding @ Mooloolaba


Ahh -- ain't love grand?

When we chose Mel and Matt as the winners of our 2016 Christmas Give-away, we had no idea that we were to be the real winners...

The friendship we've received from these guys, and the wholehearted purity that seems to revolve around their approach to life, has brought nothing but our utmost respect and admiration...

These guys come equipped with a real 'tongue-in-cheek' sense of humour, that's genuinely built on a foundation of realist-positivity. When people reside in the moment, they open themselves to a 'wholeness' of experience, and the M&M's seemed blissfully aware of this fact... Whether poking fun at each other, swinging in trees, negotiating boulders, or simply strolling perilously close to the lapping waters edge (haha my bad;), these two wore smiles all day long, and were an absolute pleasure to share a little of our lives with.

Congratulations Matthew and Melinda, and a heartfelt cheers for now and your tomorrow!

Viva l'amore

Loui & Donna xx

Andy and Simone


A Spring-time wedding in sunny Bris-Vegas sound like something kinda special? Well, throw in a a wedding party that consists of pint-sized bridesmaids -- delicately adorned in pink, I might add -- and a contrasting gang of mighty-bouncer groomsmen that would make any self-respecting NFL linebacker take pause, and your set to bear witness to some kinda special, alright...

As ever life will strive to show us, culture holds no bounds -- well, not as far as love will tell, anyways -- and on this most auspicious of occasions we were honoured to witness our first ever Chinese marital tea ceremony, as Andy's family bade traditional welcome to his vibrant South African bride: the evidently ever-vibrant, and beautifully accommodating, Simone.

Well, what can I say? I guess, sometimes, the stars just simply align...The pre-ceremony session with the boys was a blast, and yielded some genuinely great images;
Simone's bridal-prep was absolutely magic, and set such a lovely, personal tone for what was to come... and even Bo-Bo (the super-cute) Chihuahua said "I do!"
The light in the church was, well, devine, and then we headed on over to Brisbane's Botanical Garden for a quick session in the flowers, before the evening's reception at the Stamford Plaza's RiverRoom...

Just wow, you guys -- 'twas truly a privilege to share in your special day!

Viva l'amore,

Loui & Donna xx

A Country Classic | Gold Coast Wedding Photographer | Loui Hartland Photography

As we pulled into the colonial throw-back that is the Gunabul Homestead -- nestled in the tranquil outskirts of ol' Gympie Town -- the skies were calm, and the sun was high in the winter sky, and just a ways on up the winding drive, a trio of Clydesdales were casually nuzzling each other; poised amidst the shade of a Coolibah (or sumkinda) tree, their display seemed set to dismiss our (obviously) epic arrival, but nevertheless: a rather grand omen if ever there was, thought I... Needless to say, we were pretty jazzed by this stage, and with classic/candid the call of the day, we quickly set ourselves to 'laying the land.'

In not far from short time, we found the Groom, before all, where he and his brother (come best man) were tying loose-ends -- warming into some kind of marital zone, as it were. Nathan was pretty cool, I must say, and seemed right at home in his gentile attire...

And then came the Bride: rollin' on up in a distinctive green Ford! Picture a pint-sized elfin-princess and one may come close to the vision that took Nathan's breathe for a instant, and more..

Close friends attended, and loving words were shared; then sealed with a kiss, the pair owned their moment, before turning as Husband, and Wife...

Viva l'amore,

Loui & Donna xx


An Intimate Wedding in Marybourough | Gold Coast Wedding Photographer | Loui Hartland Photography


I recently had the pleasure of photographing this intimate garden wedding ceremony, in sunny Maryborough, Queensland.  The union certainly bought a tear to many an eye, and, as always, Donna's was amongst them...

I had expected the radiant Denita would be coming along packing a little magick, and it came to pass that she did!

Their garden had been turned into something of a bespoke fantasy, with accents of lavender and purple splashed tastefully about; large hanging dream-catchers; a devilishly abundant assortment of lavish treats, and an eclectic collection of props, all cultivating a genuine sense of homeliness and festivity...

With an abundance of smiles from all concerned, spirits were high under the midday sun [I gotta little toasted], and as the union was blessed by all, the world stopped for but a moment...

I often neglect to mention the groom in my little blog-post's, but I will say of George that his easy approach to the whole affair was admirable, as he noticeably gleamed with a proud sincerity -- in loving adoration of the bond he share with his bride.

Viva l'amore,

Loui & Donna




Symbolic Beach Wedding @ Burrum Heads | Gold Coast Wedding Photographer | Loui Hartland Photography

Beautiful Flower Girls getting ready @ Burrum Heads, Queensland
Love @ Burrum Heads Beach, Queensland

With thoughts of Summer dawning fresh in hearts and minds, this joyous family took to Burrum Heads Beach -- declaring their commitment to each other in an intimate ceremony that drew a tear from all concerned.

From Lance sharing rings with his daughters, to the poignant symbolism of the Sand Ceremony, we certainly knew, and felt privileged to have born witness to the sincerity of this event.

Having travelled down from Gladstone, their Fraser Coast beach wedding ceremony went without a hitch -- well, y'know...

I recall that I nearly got bogged in the soft sand dunes, whilst clambering around -- trying to get that elusive shot, as I tend to do haha -- and despite there being absolutely 'no pressure at all' stemming from the fact that Rebecca is a wedding photographer herself, I had an absolute ball.

Viva l'amore,

Loui & Donna xx

Sisterly love @ Burrum Heads Beach, Queensland

Classic Wedding @ Kingfisher Bay Resort, Fraser Island | Gold Coast Wedding Photographer | Loui Hartland Photography

Classic bride and her gorgeous groom @ kingfisher bay island resort, hervey bay
Beautiful bride on Fraser Island
Classic Wedding @ Kingfisher Bay Resort, Fraser Island

Destination wedding photography on the picturesque Fraser Island? Don't mind if I do!

Having worked with Scott and Em before, I already knew that these guys were classic sophistication all day long, but let me tell you: when bride-to-be emerged from that dressing-room she was simply on! A veritable queen, and no less!

I tasked ourselves with a full day of creative documentation, and with the show set to roll long into the night, every one was totally jazzed...

With the ceremony taking poised atop Kingfisher Bay Lookout, the mid-winter sun was high and warm, and softly kissed upon guest's faces as they bore witness to the bride and groom -- set fast against the brilliant blue of sky and tide....

After the evening's formalities and a beautiful meal, the bar-tab was in swing and new friends all 'round... Everyone's heels were comin' off, and with sleeves drawn high, these kids fired up!  

Man oh man, what a party...

Viva l'amore,

Loui & Donna xx

Vibrant Beach Wedding @ The Gables, Hervey Bay >> Loui Hartland | Premier Gold Coast Wedding Photographer

Vibrant Beach Wedding @ The Gables, Hervey Bay
Vibrant beach wedding @ the Gables, Hervey Bay
Beach Wedding @ The Gables, Hervey Bay

Proving once again that Hervey Bay truly is an outstanding wedding destination: our gorgeous Melbourne couple, Keith and Casey, chose to escape the hustle and bustle of big-town -- opting instead to celebrate their special day amongst the Fraser Coast serenity, and under a little of our glorious winter shine...

'Toes in the sand' kinda people they were, but that's not to say that the bride didn't arrive looking a million shades of pretty, nor that the groom wasn't chuffed as chuffed could be...

These guys were fantastic, and love was set for all to see.

Viva l'amore,

Loui & Donna xx

Classic Bundaberg Wedding @ Bundaberg Botanical Gardens >> Loui Hartland | Premier Gold Coast Wedding Photographer

Classic Bundaberg Wedding @ Bundaberg Botanical Gar
Classic Bundaberg wedding @ Bundaberg Botanical Gardens
Classic Bundaberg Wedding @ Bundaberg Botanical Gardens

Another classic style wedding at the Bundaberg Botanical Gardens, Bundaberg, Queensland.  I am so happy that Jay & Trish chose me to be their wedding photographer!

It was such a pleasure working with them to capture some truly amazing images. Trish was looking like a Queen in a fairytale darlings, and Jay, well, a born showman through and through... these guys were rock, glamour, and vintage class all the way...

Plenty of laughs and some epic scenery, this local couple were truly floating on air, and I loved every minute of it! 

Viva l'amore,

Loui & Donna xx