Beautiful Beach Wedding @ Mooloolaba


Ahh -- ain't love grand?

When we chose Mel and Matt as the winners of our 2016 Christmas Give-away, we had no idea that we were to be the real winners...

The friendship we've received from these guys, and the wholehearted purity that seems to revolve around their approach to life, has brought nothing but our utmost respect and admiration...

These guys come equipped with a real 'tongue-in-cheek' sense of humour, that's genuinely built on a foundation of realist-positivity. When people reside in the moment, they open themselves to a 'wholeness' of experience, and the M&M's seemed blissfully aware of this fact... Whether poking fun at each other, swinging in trees, negotiating boulders, or simply strolling perilously close to the lapping waters edge (haha my bad;), these two wore smiles all day long, and were an absolute pleasure to share a little of our lives with.

Congratulations Matthew and Melinda, and a heartfelt cheers for now and your tomorrow!

Viva l'amore

Loui & Donna xx

Loui Hartland