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Andy and Simone


A Spring-time wedding in sunny Bris-Vegas sound like something kinda special? Well, throw in a a wedding party that consists of pint-sized bridesmaids -- delicately adorned in pink, I might add -- and a contrasting gang of mighty-bouncer groomsmen that would make any self-respecting NFL linebacker take pause, and your set to bear witness to some kinda special, alright...

As ever life will strive to show us, culture holds no bounds -- well, not as far as love will tell, anyways -- and on this most auspicious of occasions we were honoured to witness our first ever Chinese marital tea ceremony, as Andy's family bade traditional welcome to his vibrant South African bride: the evidently ever-vibrant, and beautifully accommodating, Simone.

Well, what can I say? I guess, sometimes, the stars just simply align...The pre-ceremony session with the boys was a blast, and yielded some genuinely great images;
Simone's bridal-prep was absolutely magic, and set such a lovely, personal tone for what was to come... and even Bo-Bo (the super-cute) Chihuahua said "I do!"
The light in the church was, well, devine, and then we headed on over to Brisbane's Botanical Garden for a quick session in the flowers, before the evening's reception at the Stamford Plaza's RiverRoom...

Just wow, you guys -- 'twas truly a privilege to share in your special day!

Viva l'amore,

Loui & Donna xx