Fabulous Wedding Photography Starts With You...


Here's something that we need you to know about photography. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be assuring yourself the best opportunity to allow me to capture the most compelling, natural, creative, vibrantly dynamic, and timelessly perfect memories of yourselves, and others...

You may have thought in the past that beautiful wedding images just happen, and in one sense, that's entirely true; but it's also true that many environmental factors are converging into a specific alignment in such moments of photographic ecstasy!

"But Loui, what constitutes a good photograph," you say?

Well, this is where you guys come in ;)

Consider a couple on their wedding day: They are uber-relaxed with each other at the alter; they whisper sweet-nothings into each others ear's as they hold hands, and playfully wink at family and friends who have gathered to witness the declaration of their love!  

Now, on such an occasion, a photographer can really be in his/her element; capturing such moments of intimate bliss at will...
But, unfortunatley, some couples are less than comfortable. They stand inert, as if the very sky itself would swallow them if ever they moved a muscle; they fight the tears, and resist all urge to make eye-contact with the one standing opposite them; they remain guarded, stiff, and act as though it were a crime to break a smile...

Who do you think ends up with the better photos?

It's easy really, just be yourselves, have fun, laugh; swear if you have to, play-up and enjoy these precious moments that we all share, together!

Here's a quick guide to help you prepare for fabulous-photo ops on your big day!

1) Natural light:  Beautiful, soft window-light is our best friend when it comes to getting gorgeous preparation shots. Remember: the darker the room, and the softer the window-light, the better!

2) Tidy up a little:  We don't mind re-decorating, but it saves us time if your prep space is relatively clutter free. Random stuff in the background of images can be distracting, and we don't want anything taking attention away from our brides!

3) The Little Things:  The shoes; the jewels; cufflinks; the bouquet and dress: have these ready somewhere we can access them. We'll come in and 'style' them just-so, and your images will look awesome!

4) Timing is Everything:  Allow plenty of time in your wedding-day schedule for creative photography. Having more time on location allows us to get uber-creative, and that means better photographs! Talk to us ahead of time about the style of images you'd like, and we'll let you know what's involved.

5) Don't mind us: We know it's odd, but if you can, just ignore the funny people with cameras, and go about the business of enjoying the most magical day of your lives! We'll be there, doin' our thing -- ensuring that we capture every nuance, and capturing you looking your fabulously gorgeous best!
6) Simply, just have a ball, and let us look after you ;) 

Viva l'amore

Loui xx