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An Intimate Wedding in Marybourough | Gold Coast Wedding Photographer | Loui Hartland Photography


I recently had the pleasure of photographing this intimate garden wedding ceremony, in sunny Maryborough, Queensland.  The union certainly bought a tear to many an eye, and, as always, Donna's was amongst them...

I had expected the radiant Denita would be coming along packing a little magick, and it came to pass that she did!

Their garden had been turned into something of a bespoke fantasy, with accents of lavender and purple splashed tastefully about; large hanging dream-catchers; a devilishly abundant assortment of lavish treats, and an eclectic collection of props, all cultivating a genuine sense of homeliness and festivity...

With an abundance of smiles from all concerned, spirits were high under the midday sun [I gotta little toasted], and as the union was blessed by all, the world stopped for but a moment...

I often neglect to mention the groom in my little blog-post's, but I will say of George that his easy approach to the whole affair was admirable, as he noticeably gleamed with a proud sincerity -- in loving adoration of the bond he share with his bride.

Viva l'amore,

Loui & Donna