One Tree and a Picnic

One Tree Hill in Maleny is arguably one of the planet's most idyllic locations; well, as far as picturesque simplicity goes, anyways... Throw in a picnicking pair of strikingly gorgeous lovebirds, and we sure have some kinda-special engagement session on our hands!

The strikingly gorgeous Kylie is style on legs, I must say, and she and her handsome beau Sean came set to make their mark atop that mountain range, and solidly their set as poignant as 'the tree' was yet to witness...  

After the recent 100 year rain event, the lofty paddocks were about as lush as ever. The day was clear under a late-Summer sky, and the view went long beyond the towering Glasshouse Mountains to the south. Opting for a bright sunny vibe, we hit the rolling ridge a little earlier than is often the norm, and were super-happy for having chosen to do it that way, as these images really have a certain 'bright enthusiasm' about them, don't you think?

Please enjoy these pics, and feel free to share to any and all who care to bask is all that is 'love'.

Viva l'amore,

Loui and Donna xx