A Classic Brisbane Wedding

Brisbane weddings always bring so much promise for me: The city-scape; the churches; the gorgeous parks and river landmarks; the beautifully artsy people; but big-city potentials are oft thwart with big-city complications: like traffic, and traffic, and one-way streets, and when your GPS navigation seems to be unaware of such matters of anomalous consequence, one can do little but shake hand at the universe and implore the benevolent wisdom of the Good Lady Luck...

On this day, it turned out that she was smiling, and how could she not, for Dan and Carly were to tie the knot in what was pre-ordained to be nothing but the most loving celebration of unity one could imagine...

The family, and other assorted guests were ushered into the church, and in short time a hush fell upon us as we watched Carly enter behind a glowing procession... Not only was she set to steal Dan's heart once more, she had all concerned in awe... The ceremony was set by a peace and calm, only once shattered by the clickety-clack of my boots on the hardwood floor, as I snuck up behind where a pulpit may have stood... Vying for prized photographic position, whilst maintaining something of a respectful guise gets a little tricky sometimes, and 'inconspicuously sneaking' (for lack of a better term) around a hushed ceremony, can be an art unto itself, let me tell ya :)

Now, checkit: I realise that when we talk of weddings, we oft teeter upon the precipice of stagnant cliche, but, in all seriousness, when a family holds each other up with a respect that effects itself upon the very air, it's strength of character is undeniable, and just as tears flowed readily throughout the day in joyous bursts of momentous acknowledgement, Donna and I were swept up in this wave of celebration, and often found ourselves looking at each other and declaring in hushed tones: "Wow, how lovely are these people!"

Anyways... On this day, rings and solemn vows of unending love were exchanged and sealed with a kiss, and we all sang the praises of our favourite newly-wedded! There were laughs a-plenty at the creative portraiture session... More tears, and heaps more laughs at the reception, and to top it off, an enthralling rendition of an Elvis Presley classic at the end of the night, courtesy of Carly's talented, and devilishly charismatic grandfather...

What more could one want? 

Cake, you say? Man, oh man: so good!

Vive l'amour,

Loui & Donna xx

Loui Hartland