Coolibah Downs Estate Wedding - Taylor & Jerome


Just a stone-throw into the foothills of the Gold Coast Hinterland, a wedding venue exists... The large, private grounds undulate gently, beyond a quaint li'l chapel that emanates warmth; a sweeping grassland, and grand marquee -- chandeliers by three, and a license to party; super-spacious accomodations at the ol' 'homestead', and staff that were as accomodating as I could ever hope to meet... Coolibah Downs Estate had a super-vibe this day, but let me just say that our Groom, Jerome, and his Queen, Taylor-Mae, would raise the spirit's wherever they happen to find themselves...

Everyone present on the day were quite simply the most beautifully welcoming bunch of people, hey... and not just for how they treated us, but for their obvious regard and praise for the young couple, that shone ever-brighter as the day unfolded: for the love these two had for each other was clear for all to see, and just as heart's will soar when worn upon sleeve, so too is that spirit received by any standing near... :)

After tears, smiles, blessings, more tears, two rings, and a kiss, the deal was called as celebration will cheer!

Traditional Maori flair was the blood-stirring haka, and the Tokelau connection brought a ritual song that was so joyously festive, and laced with rich vocal harmonies... Our heart's transcended into a reverence for that moment, and to say that we felt privileged to document this union, would simply not have conveyed the emotion this day...

Being a kiwi myself, who's too long been from home, I've felt revitalised after shooting this gorgeous wedding between these two very special peeps, and my faith in people's grand capacities has never been higher!

Viva l'amore  

Loui and Donna xx