Palazzo Wedding | Kassandra & Bobby

Okayyy, just putting it out there that, yep, Kassandra and Bobby are absolutely gorgeous, but if you throw in a cute-as-chips little daughter [who just so happened to be getting christened on the same day in a two-birds kinda deal], an orthodox ceremony, a styled-shoot in the forest, and then a loud-as-hell traditional dance-fest (in the glitz and glamour of the Versace ballroom, no less), then you’ve really got yourself the makings of something truly special…

Forget all the style, and charismatic flair that these guy’s seem to have in abundance; what struck me most was the fact that never have I been to a wedding were the bride and groom simply did not once stop smiling and flirting with each other – all day, and all evening long! 

I’ve mentioned that they had a traditional drummer/DJ leading the dance-action? And did I mention that this cat was loud? The spoilering legato of incensed saxaphonic runs stirred the blood to inspire something akin to a hyponotic Dionysian trance… The music was pumping, the champagne flowed, and folks came together in a most enviable celebration of love, family, and Macedonian lore.

’twas a total honour to share some time with these beautiful people…

Much love,