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Beautiful Flower Girls getting ready @ Burrum Heads, Queensland
Love @ Burrum Heads Beach, Queensland

With thoughts of Summer dawning fresh in hearts and minds, this joyous family took to Burrum Heads Beach -- declaring their commitment to each other in an intimate ceremony that drew a tear from all concerned.

From Lance sharing rings with his daughters, to the poignant symbolism of the Sand Ceremony, we certainly knew, and felt privileged to have born witness to the sincerity of this event.

Having travelled down from Gladstone, their Fraser Coast beach wedding ceremony went without a hitch -- well, y'know...

I recall that I nearly got bogged in the soft sand dunes, whilst clambering around -- trying to get that elusive shot, as I tend to do haha -- and despite there being absolutely 'no pressure at all' stemming from the fact that Rebecca is a wedding photographer herself, I had an absolute ball.

Viva l'amore,

Loui & Donna xx

Sisterly love @ Burrum Heads Beach, Queensland