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Gorgeous New Farm Park Wedding | Katie and Al


Omgoodness’ these two = love eyes and mega-swooninesss…

If there was ever a model on how to have an awesome big-day, these guys sure got they memo, and you’ll see Katie here displaying all of the relevant traits of wedding-day awesomeness:

Gorgeous smile; carefree disposition; abundant laugh and cheeky / playful / just plain beautiful way of being! Not to be forgot, big-Al here is no slouch himself, bring nothing but chill and pride - his eye’s set firm and his heart set to cuddly lovey-bear haha

These two just killed it…

We normally run through and pick a few handfuls of faves for the blog, but going through this wedding we got to the end and were like: oh — 342 haha but then came the error message… you can only upload 250! Sorry folks lol.

Loui & Donna


Classic Fraser Island Wedding | Eleisha + Jarrod


It’s not too often that we get to head over to Fraser Island to photograph a wedding, but it’s always a destination that instils a sense of adventure!

[Someone really needs to take me there for an elopement, because most of the ‘epicness’ lies in the island’s interior; but hey, I’d hate to plant ideas in anyone’s head ;]

Back to reality, and it was with great pleasure that we rolled up to the bridal-prep cabin and met Eleisha for the first time… So super-lovely she was, and cool as a cucumber as her and her close-family were set making last-minute adjustments to things that are well beyond my ken to comprehend… You know, dress alterations, and sorting out sparkly things to go here and there; I love photographing that kind of action as it unfolds, as it’s just so telling of the occasion when such special little activities are happening…

Jarrod was found a couple of doors down, and being the centre of my camera’s attention didn’t phase him too much; he seemed to epitomise the phrase ‘down to earth’, and just casually went about ensuring his young lads were sorted for the upcoming event…

The ceremony was conducted in a secluded little nook, and man, I recall trudging around in the softy-soft sand as being a thing… but hey, trudging around is typically the call for a beach wedding, and if ever one feels a little conspicuous, it’s trying to get from A to B with two cameras and feeling sinky like a snowman on a warmish Spring day… Actually, it was about this time I decided to stop wearing suits to photograph weddings, and I’ve never looked back haha

There were photos and drinks at the wharf bar, before heading back to Kingfisher Resort for dinner and formalities… Rugby league grand-final day it was, and after dinner, most of the lads (groom included) were gravitating to the big screen with beer in hand, and as a good little ninja-photographer, it didn’t take long before I was well blended into my surroundings… haha

Time came to catch the last ferry, and with a hug and a smile, Eleisha loaded us up with a literal armload of dessert (like we needed it, but anyway #yum)…

Such a gorgeous day, and a real pleasure to share a little time with this lovely bunch of folks!



Natalie and Andrew's Preston Peak Wedding


It’s not too often I venture up the range to photograph Toowoomba weddings, so it was with a fresh enthusiasm that I arrived at one of the region’s premiere venues, Preston Peak Winery… The open-air chapel looked magnificent within the scape, and the stunning view through the valleys to the East made one feel a world away from anything even remotely stressful: “Ahhh — fresh!

I soon learnt that the venue was no longer an actual, functioning winery; but my dismay was short-lived, because the establishment’s manager soon assured me that they did indeed have ample amounts of wine in the stores [I believe the climate may have proved less friendly to the grapes, and although a somewhat less romantic notion, they now bring their grapes up from a little further south along the Granite Belt] and hey: that sounded good enough to me! Haha

Natalie, our bride, was the kinda gal who was secretly wishing for some cloud-cover and a little ‘climatic ambience’ shall we say – knowing full well that such lends an air of magic and intimacy to photographs… She must have had the fairies on call, because whilst the skies remained clear for the most part, on the back-end of her photo-shoot a most inoffensive moistness descended from the skies – just enough to justify a few portraits under the brollies…

Of course, the epic chandelier was yeah, epic… but the fairy-lit driveway was a nice surprise too, so I was super-glad when the team we’re up for one last romp before I had to roll back down the mountains…

Thanks to the staff at Preston Peak for making a dude feel so at home, and if anyone’s still tossing up where to get hitched, as a photographer, I’d say this venue would have to be one of my definite faves…

A massive thanks to the gorgeous Natalie, and her super- photogenic, Andrew, for their patience, spirit on the day, and for choosing me to hang with as I captured a little time…



Brisbane City Destination Wedding


These guys flew in from Newcastle to celebrate, and proclaim their love for each other!

They hired me to capture the occasion, and were just so super-nice all day long… heaps of little things stand out as I recall their day, but if I had to recant a few, I’d say something like:

After a rocky start (as a last-minute change saw the bride-prep location shifted from mid-city to closer to their MODA reception location / shall we tell the photographers??? Nah, I’m sure someone will haha like, where are youuuuu?!?!

These guys were self-proclaimed foodies, and the pork-belly appetisers were legit, by their own admission, the sole reason they selected this location… Well, there may have been other reasons but I don’t remember them like I do that pork, so my version of events will stand until a better one happens to happen anyways :)

Hmm what else: There was a curtain of fireworks as they danced their first jig, so that was pretty cool… oh and wow our photo-walk around the old uni grounds yielded some epic architectural backdrops, and I’m looking forward to getting back there soon…

Anyways, hope you enjoy taking a peek, lovers!

Loui & Donna