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Classic Fraser Island Wedding | Eleisha + Jarrod


It’s not too often that we get to head over to Fraser Island to photograph a wedding, but it’s always a destination that instils a sense of adventure!

[Someone really needs to take me there for an elopement, because most of the ‘epicness’ lies in the island’s interior; but hey, I’d hate to plant ideas in anyone’s head ;]

Back to reality, and it was with great pleasure that we rolled up to the bridal-prep cabin and met Eleisha for the first time… So super-lovely she was, and cool as a cucumber as her and her close-family were set making last-minute adjustments to things that are well beyond my ken to comprehend… You know, dress alterations, and sorting out sparkly things to go here and there; I love photographing that kind of action as it unfolds, as it’s just so telling of the occasion when such special little activities are happening…

Jarrod was found a couple of doors down, and being the centre of my camera’s attention didn’t phase him too much; he seemed to epitomise the phrase ‘down to earth’, and just casually went about ensuring his young lads were sorted for the upcoming event…

The ceremony was conducted in a secluded little nook, and man, I recall trudging around in the softy-soft sand as being a thing… but hey, trudging around is typically the call for a beach wedding, and if ever one feels a little conspicuous, it’s trying to get from A to B with two cameras and feeling sinky like a snowman on a warmish Spring day… Actually, it was about this time I decided to stop wearing suits to photograph weddings, and I’ve never looked back haha

There were photos and drinks at the wharf bar, before heading back to Kingfisher Resort for dinner and formalities… Rugby league grand-final day it was, and after dinner, most of the lads (groom included) were gravitating to the big screen with beer in hand, and as a good little ninja-photographer, it didn’t take long before I was well blended into my surroundings… haha

Time came to catch the last ferry, and with a hug and a smile, Eleisha loaded us up with a literal armload of dessert (like we needed it, but anyway #yum)…

Such a gorgeous day, and a real pleasure to share a little time with this lovely bunch of folks!