parkwood weddings

Gorgeous Parkwood Wedding with Sammy & Mike


It's been a while, and Loui's blog posts are fast piling up in the finite realms of theoretical space...

But, irrespective of my tardiness, casting mind back to recent-weddings past, the blessed nuptials of the uber-lovely Sammy and her uber-man Mike flew by with laughs, cuddles, nuzzles, and all else a wedding will call forth -- when two hearts and families join to celebrate the dawning of an age!

Turning clock back, Sammy and her girls were getting dolled up in the Q1 Tower, Surfers Paradise: An abundantly spacious pad, it was, and the vibe was light-of-heart as Sammy had amassed the help of some absolutely killin' artists [As a photographer, I guess I've absorbed more than a fair share of associable knowledge when it comes to the skills of makeup and hair-stylistas, and I can say without a doubt, these chicks had the stuff]... The flowers too were fantastic... I think I recall being offered wine too (which if you happen to be reading this, is an act that generally gets you plenty of kudos in Loui-world)!

Due to the expertise of the aforementioned lovelies, we had some extra time for some gorgeous bridal-portraiture this time 'round!!! Crazy as it sounds, such is often a luxury when weighed against the realities of the wedding-day timeline and other associated geographic concerns, so yeah, the day was going well, and with Sammy looking resplendent -- beyond the gleam of a million dollars -- I thought I'd best get ta wrigglin'...

Elevator down, and rollin' on out; a short cruise up the Gold Coast Highway, and The Parkwood International Golf Club loomed... Not the best place for vendor parking, I'll note, but I unpacked faithfully [cursing the assistant that I'm yet to employ] and trundled two cases of stuff up to where Mike and the gang were waiting: Poised, cruisin' -- really just as cool and calm as any self-respecting rat-pack could wanna be... 

Without fussing the lads too much, I grabbed a few candid moments before proceeding to make myself as invisible as possible -- patiently waiting for the realities of the day to sink into people's expressions... Man, I love weddings!

The show went on with only one hitch [pun + two cliches in eight short words? Check], and sooner than you can shake-a-rabbit, it was buggy-time again, baby! Stealing portraits in the rough and on fairways alike, as the local wildlife insisted on seven-ironing their little balls over our head's like dude: I admire your confidence, but wtf, bro -- that's my Bride and Groom your toying with [massive eye-roll, hey haha]

A picture-time later, and we were buggin-on back in for drinks and refresh... The last vestige of sunset brining a joyous magic into the reception room via sheer-curtain diffusion on the western flanks; champagne glasses and ornamentals never looked better! And then, primed to party, they came: and a finer assortment of lovely folks were never yet had!  

Such a cool day, with some totally legend people; so to Sammy, Mike, and all else concerned: A massive thanks for doing you so well!

Viva l'amore,

Loui and Donna xx