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The Abbey Cobakai Wedding with Nestasjja & Jai

The luxurious vibe of the Palazzo Versace kinda smacks you in the face…

Surrounded by monogrammed, well, everything, Versace forces you to leave the bride-prep stress at the door, and the result is a super-chilled session as everyone just gets on, seemingly inspired by the ambience of the prestigious suite…

Then it was off to the gorgeous The Abbey, Cobakai. Peeping its way through the clouds, we had some amazing diffused light that simply oozed itself through the open-air design… Close-knit family, and some high-spirited guests rounded-off the affair; but a close second behind the gorgeous bride for wow factor was flower-fur-baby Coco the Frenchie, snuffling about, and just being super-cute OMGoodness…

Despite a spot of rain in the air, we managed to scramble around and captured some quick-fire epic-ness down by the lake… I could have stayed there longer but the mozzies took to our bride like devilish, vampiric micro-beasties, so yeah, after a few quick setups, we skipped out and back up the hill to safer grounds!

Then came the most epic drunken-uncle speech, ever! Seriously this guy missed his calling; when the laughter subsided, it was straight into the newlyweds strutting their stuff on the ‘dance-floor’ and the party was kicking-off well as we were rolling out, so no doubt there were some sore heads the next day, and in my world, that’s a wedding well spent!

Much love, and big thanks for the memories!


Palazzo Wedding | Kassandra & Bobby

Okayyy, just putting it out there that, yep, Kassandra and Bobby are absolutely gorgeous, but if you throw in a cute-as-chips little daughter [who just so happened to be getting christened on the same day in a two-birds kinda deal], an orthodox ceremony, a styled-shoot in the forest, and then a loud-as-hell traditional dance-fest (in the glitz and glamour of the Versace ballroom, no less), then you’ve really got yourself the makings of something truly special…

Forget all the style, and charismatic flair that these guy’s seem to have in abundance; what struck me most was the fact that never have I been to a wedding were the bride and groom simply did not once stop smiling and flirting with each other – all day, and all evening long! 

I’ve mentioned that they had a traditional drummer/DJ leading the dance-action? And did I mention that this cat was loud? The spoilering legato of incensed saxaphonic runs stirred the blood to inspire something akin to a hyponotic Dionysian trance… The music was pumping, the champagne flowed, and folks came together in a most enviable celebration of love, family, and Macedonian lore.

’twas a total honour to share some time with these beautiful people…

Much love,



Gorgeous Parkwood Wedding with Sammy & Mike


It's been a while, and Loui's blog posts are fast piling up in the finite realms of theoretical space...

But, irrespective of my tardiness, casting mind back to recent-weddings past, the blessed nuptials of the uber-lovely Sammy and her uber-man Mike flew by with laughs, cuddles, nuzzles, and all else a wedding will call forth -- when two hearts and families join to celebrate the dawning of an age!

Turning clock back, Sammy and her girls were getting dolled up in the Q1 Tower, Surfers Paradise: An abundantly spacious pad, it was, and the vibe was light-of-heart as Sammy had amassed the help of some absolutely killin' artists [As a photographer, I guess I've absorbed more than a fair share of associable knowledge when it comes to the skills of makeup and hair-stylistas, and I can say without a doubt, these chicks had the stuff]... The flowers too were fantastic... I think I recall being offered wine too (which if you happen to be reading this, is an act that generally gets you plenty of kudos in Loui-world)!

Due to the expertise of the aforementioned lovelies, we had some extra time for some gorgeous bridal-portraiture this time 'round!!! Crazy as it sounds, such is often a luxury when weighed against the realities of the wedding-day timeline and other associated geographic concerns, so yeah, the day was going well, and with Sammy looking resplendent -- beyond the gleam of a million dollars -- I thought I'd best get ta wrigglin'...

Elevator down, and rollin' on out; a short cruise up the Gold Coast Highway, and The Parkwood International Golf Club loomed... Not the best place for vendor parking, I'll note, but I unpacked faithfully [cursing the assistant that I'm yet to employ] and trundled two cases of stuff up to where Mike and the gang were waiting: Poised, cruisin' -- really just as cool and calm as any self-respecting rat-pack could wanna be... 

Without fussing the lads too much, I grabbed a few candid moments before proceeding to make myself as invisible as possible -- patiently waiting for the realities of the day to sink into people's expressions... Man, I love weddings!

The show went on with only one hitch [pun + two cliches in eight short words? Check], and sooner than you can shake-a-rabbit, it was buggy-time again, baby! Stealing portraits in the rough and on fairways alike, as the local wildlife insisted on seven-ironing their little balls over our head's like dude: I admire your confidence, but wtf, bro -- that's my Bride and Groom your toying with [massive eye-roll, hey haha]

A picture-time later, and we were buggin-on back in for drinks and refresh... The last vestige of sunset brining a joyous magic into the reception room via sheer-curtain diffusion on the western flanks; champagne glasses and ornamentals never looked better! And then, primed to party, they came: and a finer assortment of lovely folks were never yet had!  

Such a cool day, with some totally legend people; so to Sammy, Mike, and all else concerned: A massive thanks for doing you so well!

Viva l'amore,

Loui and Donna xx